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May 25, 2018 Minutes

MINUTES May 25, 2018


The meeting of AUPE Local 048 was called to order at 09:10 by the Chair Shelley Brooker.

Statement of Equality was read by June St Lewis

1) IN ATTENDANCE– Chair Shelley Brooker, Vice Chair June St Lewis, Treasurer Dorothy Loftus, Secretary Olea Lindholm,PEI Rep Diane Johnston, ch 1 Dee Erickson ch 2 Nicole Meyhew Ch 3 Val Monkman,Luanne Braun, Margaret Billings, 5 Chelsea Black Sandy Morrow,

Ch 07 Heidi Spicher ,Christina Sefton, Kathleen Schwengler Fausat Adoshun Ch8 Helen Bozic Deb Reykdal Ch 9 Patricia DeFreitis Ch 10 Ben Canlas Ch 11 Jan Busch, Ch 12,Eva Richards Sukhi Johal Ch 13 Anna Marie Bailey, Sue McIntyre, George Armstrong, Ch 15 RoslynAbraham: Ch 18 Leah Poynton Ch 19 Ruth MacDonald ch 20 Wendy James, Ronelda Rodzinyak Ch 21 Angela Huber,Lourdes Alberto,ch 22 Shaileshbhai (Sam) Vaghani, Edith Pasco ch 24 Naida Walsh,Ch 25 Nadine Frederick ch 26 Narcy Dela Cruz Cage ch 29 Sandy Fazekas ch32 Brenda Thompson, Ch 33 Judith Charmaigne, Marlene Robblee , ch 34 Adela Avenido ch 35 Melisa Smith Nurse ch 37 Aroura Wench 39 Danny Dale, Frances Hanson, Ch 40 Sorin Mohorea ch 44 Cecil Griggs, Margaret Kapuwa

REGRETS: Ch 04 Catherine van Tol ch 6 Elizabeth Lado, Ch 14 Nicky Kandola, Rupindar Multani ,ch 16 Ester Brako ch17Tracy Oliver, Shelley Wilton, Heather Westcott,ch 18 Melissa Maret ch 27 Debbie Warkentin ch23 Berna Soriano Cecile Factura, ch 28 Olga Orysik ch 30 Kalsay Korthuis ch 31 Theresa Ganaden Lisa Dray, Stephen Siu ch 34 Mileth Gloriani ch 36 Laara Stang 38 Jumai Ahmed, Fariba Nazari

ch 41 Henry Oviahon ,42, 43


Guests and Observers : Susan Slade VP




Mar 22


a) Thank you cards

b) notification of new chapter 45 Mountain View Seniors Housing Olds AB

Anna Marie Bailey notified us of her retirement: card and gift awarded. (Congratulations Anna Marie)


7a) Chair Shelley Brooker –accepted as Written. M/S/C

7b) Vice Chair June St Lewis - accepted as spoken. M/S/C

7c) Treasurer Dorothy Loftus- accepted as presented. M/S/C

7d) Secretary Olea Lindholm- accepted as written. M/S/C

7e) Provincial Executive Rep Diane Johnson - accepted as spoken. M/S/C


8a) Policy Committee – - Meeting held during break.

8b) Finance Committee – Dorothy Loftus – Written and attached

8c) anti priv- No meeting

8d)OH&S no mtg- please fill out any forms and send to Diana Griffith HQ AUPE liaison for OH&S anyone interested please apply for the OH&S courses, Bill 30 coming into effect June !

8e) Women's Committee - no committee members at present

8f) members Benefits Committee anyone requiring assistance with financial hardship, schooling cost funeral cost for members or family members can apply on line.

*When gift Cards are given to members of a chapter by the chapter executive they must all be the same amount. M/S/C .


a) Convention, to be held Oct 10 - 13 this year we have 52 delegates going, it is not an election year. staying at the same hotel as last year. list of delegates attached

b) suggestions for convention gifts: pad folio's and metal waterbottles

c) Policies:

d) Summer events: BBQ cart book at bbqcart@AUPE.org

e) web site, run by Diane any one wanting to have pictures of events or notices put on Local 48 site please send the information to ldjohn@shaw.ca

Chapter reviews:

Ch 01 Bargaining, poor turn out for meet and greets, still having problems with Kronos

Ch 02 Pretty good, issues with Kronos, working short staffed

ch 03 AGM did not get quorum had to have second call, meet and greet may 2 good turn out, Kronos went live May 11, new Bethany site opening and two of our units will be closing and a young adult unit and a ALC dementia unit to open later this year. in bargaining and having a bbq on Aug 8

ch 5 gift cards given out had 2nd call for AGM have a new administer, going to a finger print sign in in Bargaining, OH&S issues

ch 7 not much going on, no building manager, new HR person, bargaining and always working short

ch 8 Zeny has Retired, in bargaining, EMAC issues, Meet and greet was on April 17, new MSO having a bbq on Aug 3

ch 9 AGM went well, new MSO no notice for EMAC

ch 10 Bargaining beginning

ch 11 Bargaining meeting June 7&8, information May 24 on pension and spending account, very low moral, no time clock, paging system not working properly as a code white was not heard. management already stating they are over budget.

ch 12 chapter chair didn't show for the AGM. problems with her not showing to bargaining, staff caught stealing, problem with scheduling. flooding and broken equipment, staff falling on ice in parking lot and being harassed by management

ch 13 pretty quiet, to start bargaining soon

ch 15 AGM held new officers elected

ch 16 nurses week celebrated, visibility board still an issue bbq booked for Aug 29th on site, bargaining AGM April 23 good turnout , have new MSO

ch 18 new management, HCA new manager all lines being posted as temp, in bargaining, scheduling is a challenge, grievance against bullying, Meet and greet and BBQ tomorrow 12-3 had a axe throwing party for their spring fling

ch 19 bargaining, not dates set yet, nurses week gave all LPN and HCA a long stemmed rose no DOC as the old one was escorted off site

ch 20 pretty good at legacy chair on medical leave, vice has stepped in looking at having a children's party

ch 21 Meet and greet held April23 40 members attending, Kronos hard to keep casuals, new site manager

ch 22 bargaining over 1 year, very short of staff, LPN's asking for information about work load and liability, checking with MSO for more information, also reporting to LPN licensing body need to fill out forms and send to Diana Griffith if feeling unsafe or unsure about work duties

ch 24 new CSM, hiring more LPN and HCA's

Ch 25 - bargaining working short staffed especially LPN's

ch 26 nothing much, short of towels and supplies, working short staffed on the dementia unit, only 1 staff member for nights, staff being injured

ch 29 AGM April 23 good turnout, new vice chair bbq being planned

ch 32 Bargaining, Krono's part time shifts better, AGM held in March and meet and greet in April not well attended. Nurses week Bethany sponsored a luncheon

ch 33 management changing shifts and have cut 4 LPN and 11 HCA's MSO on vacation alot of issues, only being allowed 1 shift exchange per pay period, sick note needed for 1 sick day, town hall meeting called when the vice chair and chair were at council meeting,

ch 34 AGM April 6 certified first collective agreement finally signed after 2 years, thank you to Local 48 for support during this .

ch 35 AGM held, in Bargaining have a new CSM no better than the last working short staff not replacing first sick call, bbq being booked

Ch 37 – in bargaining, issues with shift pick up, management working with scheduling to stop block booking

ch 39 chair has stepped down, vice chair stepped up, holidays being refused

ch 40 no problems AGM good turn out

ch 44 lots going on at Wentworth, union brought in effective Jan 31st new acting administrator and DOC meet and greet held May 18 very well attended ,AGM held Mar 2nd very well attended even with the weather, learning about OH&S seeing many infractions, bbq June 4 12 -4. Bargaining starting July 24 - 26 surveys being sent out

12) Food Bank – Brooks 645.75


The meeting was adjourned @ 3:00 pm by Shelley Brooker Chair of Local

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Sept 28th 9:00 am


AUPE Calgary Office

#200 – 2116 27 Ave NE

Calgary AB

Minutes compiled by

Olea Lindholm

Secretary Local 48