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September 28, 2018 Minutes


Sept 28, 2018



The meeting of AUPE Local 048 was called to order at 09:15 by the        

ChairShelley Brooker.

Statementof Equality was read by June St Lewis

1)IN ATTENDANCE– Chair Shelley Brooker, Vice Chair June St Lewis,Treasurer Dorothy Loftus, Secretary Olea Lindholm,PEI Rep Diane Johnston, ch 1 Dee Erickson ch 2 Nicole Meyhew  Ch 3 Val Monkman,Luanne Braun, Margaret Billings, 5 Chelsea Black, Sandy Morrow, Ch07 Heidi Spicher ,Christina Sefton, Kathleen Schwengler FausatAdoshun Ch8 Helen Bozic Deb Reykdal Ch 9 Patricia DeFreitis  Ch 10Ben Canlas Ch 11 Jan Busch, Ch 12,Eva Richards  Sukhi Johal Ch 13Anna Marie Bailey, Sue McIntyre, George Armstrong,ch 14 NickyKandola, Rupinder Turna Ch 15 RoslynAbraham ch 17 Heather Westcott:Ch 18 Leah Poynton Ch 19 Ruth MacDonald , Marinne ch 20 Wendy James,Carrie WesterhoudCh 21 Angela Huber,Lourdes Alberto,ch 22Shaileshbhai (Sam) Vaghani, Edith Pasco ch 24  Barb Reid Ch 25 Nadine Frederick ch 29 Sandy Fazekas Ch 33 Marlene Robblee,MathewPope  , ch 34 Tharcisse Mpumuro ch 35 Melisa Smith Nurse ch 36 LaaraStang ch 38 Jumai Ahmed   

REGRETS:Ch 04 Catherine van Tol ch 6 Elizabeth Lado, Ch,ch 16 Ester Brako ch17Tracy Oliver, Shelley Wilton, Heather Westcott,ch 18 MelissaMaret Naida Walsh ch 24 ch 26 Narcy Dela Cruz Cage  ch 27 DebbieWarkentin  ch23 Berna Soriano Cecile Factura, ch 28  Olga Orysik ch30 Kalsay Korthuis ch 31 Theresa Ganaden Lisa Dray, Stephen Siu ch32Brenda Thompson,, ch 34 Mileth Gloriani ch 37 Aroura Wench MargFinley, 38 Jumai Ahmed, Fariba Nazari  39  Danny Dale, FrancesHanson, Ch 40 Sorin Mohorea ch 44 Cecil Griggs, Margaret Kapuwa  ch41  Henry Oviahon ,42, 43 


Guests and Observers Bonnie Gostoza





a)Thank you cards


7a)Chair Shelley Brooker –accepted as Spoken. M/S/C

7b)Vice Chair June St Lewis - accepted as spoken. M/S/C

7c)Treasurer Dorothy Loftus- accepted as presented. M/S/C

7d)Secretary Olea Lindholm- accepted as spoken. M/S/C

7e)Provincial Executive Rep Diane Johnson - accepted as spoken. M/S/C


8a)Policy Committee –  Please check all changes on line:  local048.AUPE.ca/policies

8b)Finance Committee – Dorothy Loftus – 20 outstanding cheques, sickcheques issued after 4 weeks, use your chapter money for members,please get signatures for all gift cards m/s/c

8c)anti priv- No meeting 

8d)OH&Sno mtg- please fill out any forms and send to Diana Griffith HQ AUPEliaison for OH&S anyone interested please apply for the OH&Scourses, Bill 30 coming into effect June !

8e)Women's Committee  - no  committee members at present

8f) members Benefits Committee anyone requiring assistance withfinancial hardship, schooling cost funeral cost for members or familymembers can apply on line. 125 members have applied 113 approved 


a) Convention:  we had 54 members booked to go and had 15 cancellations, a motion was passed that if you are booked to attend and you don't show up the day of the convention it will be charged back to your chapter 

b)Stagewest : January 11  Jersey Boys 

c)  It was brought forward that if you attend a conference a short report would be given

d) An update of the livingwater strike was given, and a motion was passed to send them 500 dollars

e)web site, run by Diane  any one wanting to have pictures of events or notices put on Local 48 site please send the information to ldjohn@shaw.ca

Chapter reviews:

Ch01 Bargaining, call bell system repaired, only 2 staff and 1 RN for nites, no supervisor for Food Service

Ch02 working short, Korono's over scheduling

ch03 New site is opening, SCU closing Sept 24 -  Oct 10, MDE closingOct 5 Nov 16, lines being posted Momentum system being implemented,Still in Bargaining

ch5  Short staffed, new Administrator, sick time meeting, Chapter chairreturning from Mat leave

ch7  BBQ held in August gave out water bottles, rotations and hours cutdue to budget, Preping for Gala

ch 8 BBQ held in August and was well attended, shift swap strugglebeing looked at case by case, new manager not use to union members,needs to be shown the ropes, working short, GSS short staff, paycheque discretions a problem 

ch9  EMAC meeting was held

ch10  Meet and Greet dinner well attended 

ch11 Poor moral, time clock not working, in bargaining, managementharassing employees, working short, GSS management calling meetingsno union reps.

ch12  Building construction, hard for staff and Residents, 10 emptybeds, taking out the bath shift, in bargaining no staff attendingmeetings

ch13  chapter chair retired, vice chair works night , troubles withGSS, bargaining no dates set yet, scheduling troubles, trouble withcasuals and part-time staff.

ch14 very good, new administrator, in bargaining, held BBQ in June,rally went very well, lunch and learn held at Newport.

ch15  BBQ was held in July, new Executive elected,  Vacation hours aconcern

ch16  Visibility wall still annoying, loosing director, very sad goodlady,  management taking cuts loosing manager, BBQ well attended,Thanks to Bonnie, not much going on in bargaining,  lunch and learnbeing held on Oct 15.

ch17 gone through cuts gone from 250 to 185 beds, water leaks, planningChristmas parties, cuts to budget for RT.

ch18  Family Summer Picnic, poor turn out, scheduling poor, grievanceagainst OT.  4 empty lines hired 6 staff only 1 stayed, littleprogress in bargaining, good turn out for wing night, we have bedbugs

ch19  3 days of bargaining, new MSO, short staffed, low Moral

ch20 going good, chair is back

ch21  New MSO, problems with staffing, working short staffed, printedcopies of contracts are being asked for BBQ 35% staff attended, hadit with Extendicare, having christmas party with local 47, bargaininggoing smoother before lots of talking no signing, this time moresigning less talking.

ch22  still having problems with management.

ch24  Successful stamped BBQ used the union BBQ cart, one of our HCA'shad a house fire, staff great support, held bargaining meeting, newhires

Ch25 -  in Bargaining, working short no LPN'S , staff quitting

Ch30 BBQ only 5 came, a fall dinner from management to say thank you

ch33 chair has stepped down working 2 -5 short, new phone system nobetter than the last, # of emply lines, problems with scanningresidents for placement, no money for wages but opening 6 new sites,no ventilation in staff room, 1 LPN for whole center with 5 HCA's 2staff for 48 residents

ch34  no meetings, good chapter chair, doing good.

ch35  when staff call in sick CSM calling them, working short, staffcalling in sick if not getting vac, vac hours a mess, refusing shiftswaps, scheduling meetings after work hours, 

ch36 low moral, refused help to HCA who lost baby told to finish shift, general manager left, new menu but no staff to implement, form madeto help with short staff, time clock implemented

12)Food Bank – Coaldale, 645.05


Themeeting was adjourned @ 2:45 pm by Shelley Brooker Chair of Local

DATEOF NEXT MEETING:   January 11, 2019 



AUPECalgary Office

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